May 10, 2023

8 Benefits of Single Dental Implants

Developed in the 1970s, dental implants have recently grown in popularity. About 6% of people in the U.S. had them by 2023 and, according to Forbes, this was projected to increase to 23% by 2026.1 The technology has become increasingly versatile, allowing for the use of single dental implants, implant bridges, or complete arches depending on the patient’s needs. But if you don’t need all your teeth replaced, a single implant provides many benefits, such as:

1. A Natural Look and Feel

A single-tooth implant is indistinguishable from natural teeth. The titanium implant, which resembles a type of screw, is inserted into the jawbone. An abutment is placed on top where the replacement tooth is fit. Only the tooth is visible, while the artificial root makes it strong and secure. And once you’re healed, you won’t feel the difference between your natural teeth and the implant.

2. A Boost In Confidence

Most people are self-conscious about their teeth. A broken, decaying, or missing tooth can make it hard to feel comfortable around others. But a single dental implant can quickly restore your confidence. It blends seamlessly with your natural teeth and is manufactured to fit perfectly with your dental anatomy. 

3. Surrounding Bone Is Preserved

When a tooth falls out, the bone around the missing root can become unstable and deteriorate. Bone loss can affect your biting and chewing ability and your appearance. A single implant can provide the support needed to preserve bone. It also allows you to bite and chew naturally, which also helps maintain bone strength and health.

4. Neighboring Teeth Are Protected

Other restoration procedures, such as dental bridges, require trimming adjacent teeth for support. Single implants avoid this step. They are attached to a post inserted into the missing tooth’s socket. Your implant won’t damage and compromise other teeth. And since the implant fills open space, these teeth don’t have room to shift.

5. No Special Care Is Required

Dental implants are easy to maintain. They require daily brushing and flossing like natural teeth. Good dental hygiene will prevent bacterial buildup, tartar, and decay. Regular dental visits and cleanings every six months or as recommended by your dentist will ensure your implants are preserved. They can also check for issues that may require minor adjustments and fixes to  avoid future problems.

6. Lasting Comfort

Once you heal after the artificial root is surgically implanted, you’ll have a fully functional prosthetic tooth. Your jawbone will grow around and bond with the titanium root, creating a strong, stable foundation. The new tooth won’t feel any different from your natural teeth. It will maintain a natural sensation while biting, chewing, or speaking (as it’s anchored directly into bone).

7. No Eating Restrictions

Wearing dentures restricts you from eating crunchy or chewy foods. With single dental implants, there aren’t any restrictions. You can chew normally, so you don’t have to be conscious about everything you eat. Single implants can eliminate any reservations about dining in public.

8. A Long-Lasting Solution

Most other restorations must eventually be replaced. Dentures don’t usually last more than five to eight years. On the other hand, a dental implant can last the rest of your life if you take care of it. Their high success rate, wide availability, and streamlined treatment plans make implants preferable over other options.

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